Collection: Organic Paws Range

Organic Paws raw meat recipes are naturally nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate for cats and dogs. All of our meats/livestock used are 100% grass fed and contain no artificial pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones, bioengineering (GMO’s), chemicals, preservatives or synthetic contaminants of any kind. Many non organic meat and meat products available today contain trace residues of many or all of these toxins, and when consumed on a regular basis can build up in the body weakening the immune system and eventually develop into degenerative diseases like kidney, liver and heart failure, cancer, allergies and chronic skin conditions.

Nutrient rich organic food like Organic Paws can only be guaranteed of its purity through “Organic Certification”, giving the consumer verification that the food is safe, naturally nutritionally dense and completely free from toxic pollutants.